White Lions

When the oppurtunity arises, I’m perfectly happy to give a home to animals in need, especially a trio of adorable baby white lions!

Dashiell and Xander^


This adorable trio are staying in my house for now. I’ll find a place for the cuties if I can find a female who will adopt them. Or maybe I’ll just ask Tuna (my cat) really nicely, and she’ll accept them as cats.



I just adopted Kitty the amur leopard. She has moved in with Zemo and Finley, my other amurs. Her parents were killed a while back, and she was in special care. They were looking for someone who could look after her, so I drove over there and brought her back! She’s a little bit nervous, but I’m sure she’ll be fine in the massive enclosure she’s in.

‘Uhh… Why am I in here?’


My little hamster, Butterbean got too territorial, and attacked his cage mates, Munchkin, Snickers and Mars! I’ve had to buy a new cage for Butter, and let the others keep the ‘munch cage’.

Here’s poor little Snickers… 😦