My Big Cats!

One of the less common pets are big cats. I have several of these, including: tigers, lions, leopards and jaguars.

So first of all, my white lion kits, Dashiell (left), Xander (middle) and Aquinnah (right):

They only have a stable, the ‘white kit enclosure’:

Ansel (left) and Harlow (right):

The ‘multiger cage’ outdoor:

And indoor:

Brayan (top) and Zoey (bottom), the kits. I adopted them because they were caught by hunters:

They sleep in the ‘brayzey barn’, but come out during the day. Xander had fallen asleep in there, and I didn’t want to wake him:

Finley, the amur leopard. As you probably know, amur leopards are rare. So I, owning a private zoo and all, thought some captive breeding would be a good idea:

Zemo, Finley’s son:

Kitty, an amur leopard I adopted (she’s my furdaughter):

The ‘amur enclosure:

Then the indoor part:

Tora, which is tiger in japanese:

Alex, who only has one ear:

Tora and alex’s ‘torex enclosure’:

And inside:

Asia, a clouded leopard:

Rajah, Asia’s cage mate:

‘Branch… I know it’s a bit soon… But… Will you marry me?’

They live in the ‘asjah enclosure’:

And it’s inside, too:

Siberia, the snow leopard. Snow leopards also aren’t so common, so another case of captive breeding:

Bosco, a male snow leopard, who I hope will breed with Siberia:

They have the ‘snow enclosure’, outside:

And of course, inside:

Azaira the clouded leopard:

Nikko, her mate:

The ‘cloud enclosure’:

Inside the cloud:

Dandie the (dande)lion:

The ‘dandelion enclosure’:


King (left), the king of the jungle, with his son, Simba (right):

Mane the lion with Honey the lioness:

Skylar, who only has one eye because of those damned hunters:

Tango and her son, Lou. Simba is her son too:


Lucky Star:

The pride enclosure:

And it’s inside:

Cooper the super cute tiger kitten:

And his brother, Cappu:

The ‘coopu enclosure’:

And their inside part that somewhat resembles a stable:

Curio the jaguar:

The ‘jaguar cove’:


Golden Prince, the young lion:

The ‘golden enclosure’:

His indoor palace (That’s Lucky Star in there with him):

Christian, the black tiger:

The ‘chris hangout’:

Inside the hangout:

Leon and Pan who have been together all their lives:

The ‘Liontiger enclosure’:

Inside pool:

popcorn, my only leopard that isn’t amur, snow etc., or a black panther:

The ‘popcorn enclosure’:

Indoor area:

cotton candy, the bengal tiger:

Sherbet and Liquorice, more bengals:

The ‘candy enclosure’, with liquorice (top), cotton candy (left) and sherbet (right):

The girls’ inside home with liquorice:

mica, a black panther but with obvious spots in certain light conditions:

The ‘panther range’:

And pawesome inside too:

Custard, a seriously blond lion:

The ‘custard enclosure’:

With it’s indoor section:

Fanta the liger/tigon:

His ‘liger enclosure’:

The inside:

I have lots of cheetahs too.

Kekoa (far left), Ace (second from left), Sonic (front/middle), Kiwi (second from right), Midget (far right) Kiwi and Midget are the females on this picture:

Bijou (left) and his sister, Bramble (right):

Storm, a king cheetah:

The outdoor section of my ‘cheetah enclosure’:

And the indoor section:


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