Cat Life

Lucky Star and Tango are being lazy in the morning!

Kekoa doing the staring thing.

Kiwi goes for a stroll.

Finley has seen something and is giving it the stare.

Harlow looking for some lunch!

Rajah in the clouds.


White Lion Update

More pictures of my cute little whiteys!

Aquinnah (left), Dashiell (middle) and Xander (right)^

Xander (left), Dashiell (right) and Aquinnah (bottom)^

Cat Watch

So here’s some pictures of three of my big cats, Rajah, Pan and Mane.



Pan: I wander what everyone else is doing?


Mane: Hey, guys! I found lunch!


Pan: Is that all you talk about?


Rajah: Ya know, I really couldn’t care less.


Mane: Really? I don’t know what you guys want to do, but I’m gonna go wash my lunch!


Mane: See! It’s much nicer when it’s washed!

Pan & Rajah: *facepalm*

White Lions

When the oppurtunity arises, I’m perfectly happy to give a home to animals in need, especially a trio of adorable baby white lions!

Dashiell and Xander^


This adorable trio are staying in my house for now. I’ll find a place for the cuties if I can find a female who will adopt them. Or maybe I’ll just ask Tuna (my cat) really nicely, and she’ll accept them as cats.


I just adopted Kitty the amur leopard. She has moved in with Zemo and Finley, my other amurs. Her parents were killed a while back, and she was in special care. They were looking for someone who could look after her, so I drove over there and brought her back! She’s a little bit nervous, but I’m sure she’ll be fine in the massive enclosure she’s in.

‘Uhh… Why am I in here?’